I started this blog because I realised I was scattering online book reviews around the Internet, and I wanted to gather them together.  Possibly they might even gain a wider readership this way.  Many originally appeared in the ‘Visual Bookshelf’ application on Facebook; others are from Bookcrossing.com (which I last used in 2012; it doesn’t seem to happen much in Bath). I’ve added occasional reviews since then as the mood took me.

The reviews don’t necessarily include an systematic account of what the book is about (that kind of information can be found by searching on its ISBN), but are rather some personal impressions of it. The books that appear here are by no means all the ones that I read, or even a representative sample of them. In particular, the ones which came my way via ‘BookCrossing’ may fall outside my usual range of interest. Others were introduced to me by my children. I’m more likely to review books for which hardly any reviews can be found elsewhere.

If you are interested in music, you might enjoy my other public blog VHK’s singing.

Virginia Knight

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