Moving email subscriptions

I have recently changed email address, and with it moved many subscriptions to mailing lists. I’ve used my numerous filter rules to identify what these are, as some are very occasional. In the process a few dormant ones can be weeded out, and some others of course have outlived their usefulness and can be dropped (ideally by unsubscribing so that the listowner doesn’t have to delete the address). Others must be moved. In many cases, where no personal account is involved, I can unsubscribe from one address and re-subscribe from the other. Where there’s an account, things get more complicated. Usually logging in and changing my email address works, possibly after a few days when the list of subscribers is updated with changes. But there have been a few where I’ve changed my email address everywhere possible and still weeks later messages arrive at the old address. For some reason two of the worst offenders are supermarkets and their points cards: Waitrose and Sainsbury’s are both continuing to use the old address to tell me how many points are on my card. Sainsbury’s has the added complication of a broken form which does not work on all browsers (there’s no excuse for that these days). Wales Millennium Centre is also happily ignoring the new address; perhaps they take a long time to update their subscription list.

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