screen editors, good and bad

I’ve been editing some pages on a local CMS, and using the inbuilt screen editor (Zope’s). But there are some things about it that are really annoying and outdated.  To get my irritation off my chest, here are some of them:

  • No mass search-and- replace (I have been cutting and pasting the content into a Notepad window and editing it there!)
  • No way of searching all files in a directory together.
  • The editing window doesn’t wrap text.
  • When you save, you are taken back up to the top of the window.  This is a deterrent to regularly saving your work.
  • The HTML is validated when you save it, and you are told the line and column number of errors, but there is no quick way of navigating to (for example) line 200.
  • When you close a document after making unsaved changes, you are not prompted to ask whether you want to save them.

On the subject of editors, I usually use emacs when I can.  In a previous job I used joe, a really tough little editor that didn’t baulk at big files.

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